Our Sponsors

We are very grateful for the sponsorship from the following funding bodies:

BAAS  British Association for American Studies

It exists to promote, support and encourage the study of the United States in the Universities, Colleges and Schools of the United Kingdom, and by independent scholars. It welcomes application forms from all those engaged in or connected with the study of the United States.

AHPGRArts & Humanities Post Graduate Forum

The AHPGR Forum allocates funds to provide support for PGRs to encourage skills development in planning and implementing interdisciplinary initiatives.

LIB The University of Sheffield Library

‘Our world-class library has a strong reputation for delivering an outstanding student learning experience. Combined with an innovative approach to service delivery and the rich resources of one of the UK’s leading research libraries, it has a wide range of study spaces designed to suit all learning styles, and 24/7 access to the digital library for learning, teaching and research.

There are five sites across the University; Western Bank Library, Information Commons, and The Diamond are all on campus. The Health Sciences Library has facilities at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and the Northern General Hospital. They all have something different to offer.’